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Do you recruit online with a recruiting tool like Brilliant Prospector? 

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Our Auto-Responder Leads and Brilliant Prospector Recruiting System Make the Perfect One-Two Punch for Online Recruiters! 


 What’s Your Safety Net?

  •  ALL your purchased leads come with a ‘7-Day Window’ of protection.
  •  All our leads have opted-in with IP address and timestamp provided.
  • Sample lead pages are available in the lead description, too.
  • All leads are CAN-SPAM & Do Not Call List Compliant. There’s no fear in contacting our leads — all have been legally acquired.
  • Except for exclusive leads, which are only sold once, no lead is ever sold more than three times.

Auto Renewal Feature

Best of all, when you start to run low the system will automatically renew you at your current pricing level!  So if you catch a sale price, you keep a sale price for each and every renewal you get!  (Note:  automatic renewals occur when your leads drop to 5).  If you don’t want it to renew, just make sure you hit cancel before you get to five!

Just Hit Pause!

Are your leads coming in faster than you can utilize them?  Not a Problem!  We’ve got the Mighty Pause Button in your account!  Just hit Pause and when you need some more un-pause it!  Isn’t it great to have UTTER CONTROL?

Ready To Try Some First Class MLM Leads?

It’s simple. Select a package of leads from any one of the categories on the left.  Once you have placed your order, you’ll be emailed your order confirmation and login information to your account. If you need any assistance or have questions please call us at 1-888-455-3237. Our business hours are 8:00am – 4:30pm MST (Arizona), Monday through Friday.

A Special Message from Tim Sales:  What’s a lead Worth?

Hello Network Marketers,

I was talking on another conference call a short while ago and someone asked a really good question. I want to share that question and the answer I gave them. The person asked, “Are Internet leads worth the expense? I’m going to start to answer that question with another question “What is a lead worth?” 

When I first came into the business, there was a person who answered my ad that I had been running for probably about six weeks. He was very successful already, and he was also very hesitant to join my business simply because he had a lot of opportunity cost.

I didn’t push him, I didn’t coerce him, and I didn’t use any fancy manipulative sales tactics. I simply followed what I have been teaching you. I communicated effectively, using all the things that are in Professional Inviter. He saw the great opportunity, and he got into the business. As a result, I made millions and millions of dollars because of his decision. And so to the question “What’s a lead worth?” I don’t know. I can’t quantitatively give you an answer to that because I’m still earning on it.

Did you get that?

I’m still earning on that lead.

But it’s already been millions and millions.