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Now you can choose the type of people you build a business with. These family-centered Real Time Christian leads are an excellent choice for those targeting those with a Christian world view. These semi-exclusive leads are from Christians that have specifically expressed an interest in working from home. They are generated through a capture page that is targeted for business opportunities that appeal to Christians. With each lead you receive the prospect's full name, address, phone number, email, time stamp, IP address and answers up to five surveyed questions regarding how much time are they willing to spend, how much money are they willing to invest, etc. These Real Time Leads can be customized by gender, country, or time zone and may be redirected to a website of your choice. Each lead is delivered in real-time this means that as soon as a prospect completes and submits their information on one of our home business opportunity websites, this information is immediately emailed to you. If you are quick enough in responding, they may still be on our website. You can control your lead delivery to match your ability to follow-up using the Leads Administration Panel that we provide with our leads. This Leads Administration Panel gives you the following features: Set Your Daily Lead Delivery Cap. Allows you to set the maximum number of leads you want delivered for the day to manage your workload daily. Pause Your Lead Delivery. Receive your leads when you want them! Automated Invalid Lead Reporting. 100% Replacement on eligible invalid leads. View or Download all Leads delivered so far

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